SVCR Communication Resources

SVCR private Facebook group | General discussion, photos, petitions, and other calls to action. | General discussion.

SVCR_Action_Request Google Group | Back copies of “Actions and Events” emails. (You can change your email delivery settings there.) | To suggest “Actions and Events” items.

Calendar of events | Eventbrite event list.

Google Docs/Drive | Folder of talks, notes, working group materials, and other data.

Interest Groups | Our working groups.

Tips: Personal Cyber-Security | Google Groups Email Settings and Leaving a Group

Fact Checking | Media Bias Fact CheckPolitiFact | WaPo Fact Checker | Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers | more fact-checking websites

Spotting fake news: FactCheck How to Spot | WaPo Don’t Get Fooled Again | AllSides coverage

Fighting fake news: Media Bias Fact CheckNewsGuardTrust Project Fake news for Democrats | Comedians figured out how to cover Trump | CNN treats politics like sports

Background Info Sources

Donations: FollowTheMoney | OpenSecrets | Trump Admin Finances

Library of Important Resources

Rep. Swalwell: Protect our Democracy

Russian Attacks: Resistance Manual | Swalwell | Wikipedia

Trump’s Conflicts of Interest: NY Times

Trump/Russia Investigations: NY Times | Quartz | VOA

Trump/Russia Story: Indivisible Cheat Sheet | LA TimesLawfare | Moscow Project | Moyers | UPROXX | WaPo-1 WaPo-2 WaPo-3 WaPo-4 | WTF Today

Trump/Russia Ties: CNN | Dworkin ReportSwalwell | WaPo | Wikipedia

The Resistance

5Calls | Make your voice heard.

Courage Campaign | Fighting for a more progressive California and country.

Daily Action | Resisting extremism in America, one phone call at a time.

Do These 10 Things | The Michael Moore easy-to-follow 10-point plan to stop Trump.

Declaration of Resistance | a respectful call-to-action for Members of Congress and if they don’t commit to act, a clear, non-threatening context for the question, “Why not?”

Impeachment: FAQ | White paper on legal grounds | Why Pence is not Worse | more info

☞ Indivisible – guide | Best practices for making Congress listen.

Progressives Need to Frame Their Values | George Lakoff’s guide to speaking to the other side.

RISE Stronger | Resistance organization with a weekly newsletter. See their infographic.

Swing Left | Sister District | Organizing to flip districts to blue.

Tech Stands Up | A grassroots movement about policies affecting the tech community.

What Do I Do About Trump? | A simple guide to action.


California Legislative Calendar | | Find and track representatives and bills in Congress. Predict chance of passing.

Contacting Congress | Find Your Elected Officials | Daily updates on lawmakers, key developments on issues, concise summaries, quick action.

House Intelligence Committee on YouTube | House Judiciary Committee on YouTube

OurStates | Track and act on state legislation.

Town Hall Project | Find Town Hall meetings in your area.

Resources and Tools

California SOS VoteSure voting resources and education — check voter status, find polling place, voter info

Attending Protests: EFF: Safety | EFF: Meaningful Dissent | Protect Your Protest | Digital Security Tips for Protestors

Resistance Manual | A well-organized wiki of Resistance resources.

Resistance Recess Materials | Guide for events with a Member of Congress or staff.

Resistbot | Turns your texts into faxes to elected officials.


California State Constitution | Declaration of IndependenceU.S. Constitution (pocket Constitution) (crisis)