Working on Elections 2018

There are many ways you can work on helping turn elections “blue” and volunteer organizations to work with. Find ways that are fitting for you.

California Congressional races

Norcal Blue Wave

Event guide for turning red districts blue.

Background info, canvassing, and other events for California districts CA-1, CA-4, CA-7, CA-10.

Event calendar and map.

Code Blue Central Valley

Background info, canvassing, and other events for California districts CA-25, CA-39, CA-45, CA-48, CA-49.

Event calendar.

Swing CoCAL Left

Uniting volunteers and organizers.

Background info, canvassing, and other events for California districts CA-25, CA-39, CA-45, CA-48, CA-49.

Event calendar.

Local groups most directly involved in elections

Silicon Valley for America

An activist alliance working to safeguard civil liberties, human rights and democracy by electing representatives and influencing the political process to reflect these aims.

Democratic Volunteer Center

A place in Palo Alto for volunteering to elect Democratic candidates. Phone and text banking, events, meeting space, fundraising, canvassing, voter registration, schwag, and more.

Bayshore Progressive Democrats

Working to shape the Democratic Party to build a world that works for everyone.

National groups

Sister District

Sister District has a strategic, targeted focus on critical state races that—if we win—will make it easier to win national elections by revisiting badly gerrymandered state districts.

Sister District aims to ensure that all Americans have equal representation and our government works for all people, not just the minority in power.

Actions: Phonebanking, postcards, textbanking, canvassing, events support, district captain committees, data & research team.

Swing Left

Swing Left helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest House of Representatives Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the House in 2018.

Find your closest Swing District and join the team to learn about actionable opportunities as they become available.

Code Blue

Mission: Rebuild a progressive voting majority in federal, state and local government.

Register Blue

From understanding the voter registration form to role playing, we fully equip people to engage unregistered voters in the democratic process.

National Voter Corps

A  national, non-partisan, umbrella organization to support equal voting rights for all and work towards full voter participation, by education about voting in America and by linking willing volunteers to organizations that are fighting for fairer elections.

Sign up to learn how to help citizens Register, Get Voter IDs, Vote, and Be Counted. Volunteer to help a state voting rights organization.

Volunteer with state-specific voting rights groups.

Many national organizations are fighting for voting rights for all. They need your help.


Join the data-driven, people-powered movement to flip our country around.

We can’t flip Congress without the states. State governments often draw the district maps for national elections—and controlling that process has given the GOP an unfair advantage. States control voting methods and set voting requirements. When the GOP suppresses votes, Dems lose.

From healthcare to racial justice, the laws that impact our lives the most are often passed by states—not by the federal government. Serving at the state level gets inspiring progressive Dems ready to run for national office. Compared to national races, state races are cheap.

DCCC Toolbox

Actions, Events, and Resources for working to win nearby congressional districts.

DCCC-University Events
Field Engagement Organizing Guide